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4th Annual Battle of the Bowls Comes to Highlands

Test your mettle against some of the fittest in the valley, with Chris Davenport's Battle of the Bowls this Sunday, March 27. Extreme skier and Aspen/Snowmass athlete Chris Davenport joins fellow adventurer Travis McClain to facilitate the challenge, featuring teams of two using Flaik GPS devices, to track the number and nature of each lap down Highlands Bowl.

Three divisions for your competitive pleasure: competitive ski, competitive snowboard and overall non-competitive. The goal? To finish the course wihtin the four-hour time frame.

10th Annual Spring Jam, Underway…

Spring Break in Aspen means free outdoor music, on-mountain comps, a terrain part Boot Camp, for all ages, and parties everywhere you turn. Bud Light’s 10th Annual Spring Jam comes to Aspen, through March 27. We’re in the home stretch of spring in the rockies; soak up the goodness, for free!

Aspen Laff Festival in Town!


This week, the Wheeler's bringing serious chuckles and innovative improv to town, with the Aspen Laff Festival. With the departure of the HBO Comedy Festival, talented and motivated comedians around the country have picked up the comedic slack, so to speak.

Presenting the Aspen Laff Festival, featuring four days of cutting edge stand-up and improv at Aspen's Historic Wheeler Opera House, March 16-19. For more info, visit:


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