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American Renewable Energy Day comes to Aspen this week


Also known as AREDAY, American Renewable Energy Day comes to Aspen over four days this week, August 19-22. The multi-day festival features talks from leaders and educators working towards making the world more energy efficient. This year, the heavy-hitting lineup includes Ted Turner, T. Boone Pitkins, even James Cameron! AREDAY combines film, performance and dialogue with exhibits, samples and comprehensive strategies for the practical application of renewable energy. Be part of the solution!

Up Next, the Ducky Derby....

ducky derby.JPG

Aspen Rotary Club's 19th Annual Ducky Derby Festival features a rubber duck race and full-day funfest, on the Roaring Fork River - may the best duck (hopefully yours) win the big cash purse! Ducks are for sale around town, with funds to benefit local non-profits, youth groups, scholarships and Rotary International projects. Buy often, and buy many, because the winning ducks will cross the finish line to prize money extraordinaire. The Ducky Derby takes place August 14, in Rio Grande Park. For more info,

People's Press Party at Woody Creek Community Center

This Saturday, August 7th, from 4-6 p.m., the Woody Creek Community Center invites you to the People's Press Coming Out Party. Local authors George Stranahan and Nicole Beinstein Strait celebrate their award-winning new book, "Phlogs", while People's Press authors will be on-site for a book signing and, as always, good conversation and afternoon cheer. Food, drinks, and live music by Suzanne Paris...ride your bike down the Rio Grande, straight to the Center, and make an afternoon of it! For more info,

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