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West End Walking Tour of Aspen


The Aspen Historical Society serves up scenery with a story...explore Aspen's historic West End with a guided walking tour. From the beautiful Victorian homes, to the varied architecture, to the characters who've lived throughout Aspen over the years, the West End Walking Tour shares stories, legends and lore from one of Aspen's most picturesque neighborhoods.

For more info, contact:

Aspen Writer's Foundation Summer Words Festival, Underway!

AWF-2012lit fest_graphic.jpg

Aspen Writer's Foundation presents Solazu, celebrating the words, culture and creativity of Latin America and the Caribbean. AWF brings influential authors from the region's islands, territories and far-away writing corners to Aspen's Summer Words, with lectures, workshops, dinners, social opportunities and interaction between writers and readers from all over the world.

Events are taking place all this week! For more info, visit:

Crystal Palace and the Piano Luncheon


Phew! Another Food and Wine has successfully come to a close, you got a good night's sleep and it may seem a tad "tame" around town.

But not for long!

This Wednesday, June 20, 12:30 p.m at the Hotel Jerome, it's the Aspen Business Luncheon. Join Mead Metcalf, musician and legendary owner of the Crystal Palace Dinner Theater, for a live performance and an hour of original song.

Enjoy a buffet menu from the Jerome's new chef, Rob Zack, while you network, socialize and stay fully entertained.

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