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CORE Party and the Best of Spring

Spring Jam, Daylight Savings - and festivities, across Aspen, Colorado. Don't miss the quintessential downtown street festival, free and open to you and yours!

March 16, at 8:00 p.m., The CORE Party features a beer garden, art exhibitions and everyone's favorite, Kettle Corn. Stroll, enjoy and partake...for more info:

Fallen Friends Memorial Ski Adventure


Like the change of seasons, our life in the mountains transitions, as well. Locals have established the Fallen Friends Memorial Event at Aspen Highlands, to honor "fallen" fellow outdoor enthusiasts who've been playmates in our collective backyard.

Teams of two to five friends compete in a varied-terrain race course, featuring jumps, park features and assorted moguls and maneuvers. Proceeds from the event benefit our local Aspen Valley Ski and Snowboard Club Scholarship Fund, dedicated to fallen friends from the the past several years.

12th Annual Bud Light Spring Jam

The weather is unreal: turn any picture you take into a best-selling postcard; it's just that beautiful outside. Aspen is gearing up for the 12th annual Bud Light Spring Jam - music, parties, competitions, events and a general frolic on and off the slopes. Spring Jam will be spread over two weekends, March 16-18 and March 23-25...plenty of time to partake! It's a thoroughly good time to be in Aspen, and an even better time to be situated at Aspen Square.

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