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Aspen Art Museum presents Young Curators Reception


One of the valley's most interactive art programs comes to the Aspen Art Museum on Friday, April 27 at 4:00 p.m.

AAM presents the Young Curators of the Roaring Fork and an opening reception to meet the artists. The program features young artists from around the valley displaying and discussing works, as AAM connects to the community and welcomes local input and talent.

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Avalanche Awareness Opportunity

Phew. Mountains are closed, town is coming up for air and you, too, may have a little more time to explore your surroundings. There are some great sales in town, off-season food and drink specials a plenty, and this weekend, there's a great opportunity to expand your knowledge of the back-country.

April 20, Aspen Expeditions presents a late-April Level 1 Avalanche Awareness Course, featuring two night in the classroom and two days out and about in the field, and plenty of camaraderie to top off the adventure.

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Aspen Highlands Closing Day

It's official - there are three huge parties, at three different mountains. It's all about Closing Day this weekend. Aspen Highlands, long-known for it's end-of-season shenanigans, will be joining the festivities and calling it a style.

Look for the Ski Splash, live music, outrageous costumes, impromptu festivities and merriment into the sunset, as Aspen Highlands says goodbye for the season.

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