Olympic Parents, having fun in Vancouver

CK Racing 2-10.JPG

The Klug parents were up in Vancouver last weekend, taking part in the Opening Ceremony, and watching as their son Chris Klug walked in with the US Olympic Team. It was certainly "goose bump time" for the folks. As the huge American team entered the arena the crowd went wild, clearly many Americans there to cheer on their favorites. Chris Klug's parents were there cheering too, loud and proud as could be of their son who will be racing on the US Team later in the games.

Chris's event is February 27, a Saturday and the last day of competition.

Vancouver's weather is getting better, with cooler temps and sunshine this week. The Olympic excitement continues. The Opening Ceremony was amazing, events have been terrific, and it is a fun place to be right now.

They pulled off the snowboard events at Cypress this week, and the race course will be ready for next week. Fun times are ahead, and fast racing, so stay tuned!