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A snowy weekend, now Sunshine

Spring Ski 09.jpeg

We enjoyed a weekend of more snowfall and moderate temperatures -- and great skiing every day. Skies are clearing for Monday and Tuesday with more snow expected later in the week. What amazing skiing and boarding! Presidents' Holiday Weekend skiers have enjoyed this busy weekend with NO LIFT LINES. That is what Aspen is famous for, spreading skiers all over the four mountains to ensure no waiting and open slopes. Wow, skiing and snowboarding are just the best right now. It's another powder day today!

More snow, amazing skiing and boarding

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We enjoyed a weekend of fresh snow, cold temperatures and amazing skiing and boarding. Early this week will see more snow, then the sun will return mid-week. Temperatures will be cold. The X-Games are history now, and it sure was a fun weekend! Now, it's back to our own skiing and boarding, and conditions are the best. Check out Aspen Square's "last minute" rates and come ski with us!

A great X-Games weekend!

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This was the tenth season for the Winter X-Games in Aspen, happening again this past weekend. It was a wild and crazy collection of exciting winter competitions featuring the best winter sports athletes in the nation and beyond. The weekend set records for spectators, and everyone had fun. Events were shown on ESPN in prime time, showcasing athletes from around the world-- and even some from here in Aspen! Events will be rebroadcast on ESPN over the days and weeks ahead. The weekend was another huge success. Wow, Aspen sure looks great on TV!

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