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Snow, Sun and Endless Entertainment


What a weekend! The sunniest, warmest days of spring skiing yet, a smorgasbord, cornucopia, veritable abundance of live music with the Wheeler Opera House's 2nd Annual 7908 Singer-Songwriter Festival, followed by another huge storm and a nice little powder day, come Monday morning.

May need to call in sick a.k.a snowed in again! The mountains are open and the fresh tracks just keeps coming...and Aspen Square is loving it.

Snow, Sun and Endless Entertainment

Stuck in Aspen

There's never been a better time to be stuck in Aspen and if you're thinking of leaving - don't. The storm of the century hit, with 24 inches of fresh powder (a conservative estimate, mind you...) covering the slopes in the last 24 hours. An inch an hour, not too bad. The sun rose on the best powder day of the year this Tuesday and smiles stretched across the ski hills. We're glad you're here, and staying with us at Aspen Square... a perfect place to relax after a hard day on the slopes!

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