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Old Man Winter Wakes Up

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We all knew it was coming, but we're never really prepared for that first snowfall. And yet, once the thermals are dusted off and the snow boots are taken down from the shelf, there's a little twinkle in that proverbial eye - the first signs of this season's of Winter Wonderland have come to Aspen. It may melt and get sunny and warm, in just days; but it's coming.  The first snowfall of the season is a sight to behold. Book your getaway early and enjoy the best of the coming winter days, with Aspen Square Hotel.

Summit for Life Kickoff Party with Aspen Square's Chris Klug


It's that time again, time to get fit and festive and summit Aspen Mountain to save lives! Please join us for the Summit for Life Kickoff Party, featuring free food and drink during race registration. The Summit for Life benefits the Chris Klug Foundation, dedicated to raising organ donor awareness. Register early and gather with friends to celebrate upcoming race day. Mark your calendars, the Summit for Life Kickoff Party this Thursday, Oct. 21 from 5:30-8:30 p.m, at the Grape Bar in the Hyatt Grand Aspen.

Off-Season Wine Tasting to Tide Us Over

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Something new in Aspen for the eager's the flagship IWM Cellars store, a place for wine collectors to add to their own bouquet. As well, IWM Cellars introduces themed tastings for private events and an on-site tasting room for the passerby. Tastings take place from 5-6:30, through October 30. For more info,

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