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The GREAT Skiing Continues

The snow continued to fall all last weekend, making Sunday's trip up Highlands Bowl much more pleasant and the skiing was even better. Face shots all the way down through untouched powder. Ajax "opened up" Pandora's and there was thigh deep powder Sunday and Monday. Hanging Valley was skiing the way it should, soft and fun.

The X-Games are upon us, with events taking place at the base of Buttermilk all weekend long. Catch them live in prime time on ESPN azt home! Buttermilk looks magical and BIG. The excitement is building and the crowds are coming.

Just as we suspected....


The skiing IS phenomenal. We knew it. Friday at Highlands saw a cold hearty trek up the Bowl, with a large payoff just over the ridge; untouched lines and wholly soft, underfoot. The snow kept coming and Saturday saw enough powder for weekend warriors and week-long powder houds, alike. Snowmass rode like last season, pillows and fields and magically deep tree turns. And make no mistake, it was a stellar day on Ajax. More snow, and most certainly more action, with X-Games just ahead.

The Snow Has Finally Arrived!

A couple inches of mid-week snow softened up Snowmass quite nicely. Weather has remained mild and the skiing has been great.

10 inches of snow fell overnight at Snowmass and more snow is in the forecast! It appears as though the jet stream that had been pushing storms south of Aspen has eased off and storms are expected to continue to hit the area over the next few weeks. The skiing is going to be phenomenal!

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