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12th Annual Bud Light Spring Jam

The weather is unreal: turn any picture you take into a best-selling postcard; it's just that beautiful outside. Aspen is gearing up for the 12th annual Bud Light Spring Jam - music, parties, competitions, events and a general frolic on and off the slopes. Spring Jam will be spread over two weekends, March 16-18 and March 23-25...plenty of time to partake! It's a thoroughly good time to be in Aspen, and an even better time to be situated at Aspen Square.

Aspen Fashion Week


March 11-14 brings the Fourth Annual Aspen Fashion Week! Find the best outerwear for the fresh powder...and enjoy what the trendy are wearing throughout the Aspen streets.

Whatever you're donning, Aspen Fashion Week brings culture and excitement to town, with slopeside runway shows, in-store parties, on-the-hill events and after-hours shindigs, Aspen-style.

Something stylish this way comes...

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Full Moon Nordic Ski Dinner at Woody Creek Community Center


The fresh snow is falling and the full moon is on the rise. Revel in our winter wonderland with the Full Moon Nordic Ski Dinner, March 8, at the nearby Woody Creek Community Center! Shuttles will leave from WC3 and bring you to the nearby Slaugterhouse Bridge/Jaffe Park starting point. Then, ski, snowshoe or snowball fight your way back to WC3 for a gourmet comfort food menu, complete with hot beverages and camaraderie to warm up the evening.

Shuttles leave from 5-5:45 p.m., and dinner is served at 7 p.m.

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