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Deaf Camp Picnic

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If you or someone you know struggles with deafness or hearing loss, this weekend gives you an opportunity to make a difference. The Aspen Deaf Camp, who's mission is "to enrich the lives of Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals," is hosting its annual Deaf Camp Picnic July 17-19 in Snowmass Village. Over three days participants can enjoy live concerts on Fanny Hill or in Base Village, a silent auction and a performance by Aspen Camp Campers. Proceeds will benefit the Aspen Deaf Camp. For details on how you can take part, visit or call 800-766-6277.

Chautauqua Aspen Continues


One of the things that makes Aspen unique, is its fascinating history. Today the Aspen Historical Society continues the 2nd annual Chautauqua Aspen event. A lunchtime conversation celebrates some of the big personalities who've shaped Aspen. Later presentations during the day include character performances of noted Aspenites Hunter S. Thompson, Bil Dunaway and Fred Iselin. For details, visit or call (970) 925-3721.

Snowmass Culinary Festival

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If you need a break from speakers, concerts, hiking and biking, hop on the bus up to Snowmass for the annual Snowmass Culinary Festival, Saturday July 12. The scenic surroundings of the Snowmass resort provide the setting for participants who'll enjoy a day of great food, wine and spirits, culminating in the "Palate of Pairings" at 4pm. At the pairing, small plates with wine and sprits, prepared by local chefs, will be offered. A silent auction will be conducted to benefit the Little Red Schoolhouse. For details visit

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