Aspen Cycling Festival Rolls Through Town


With Independence Pass opening early on May 11, this year's Ride for the Pass and the Aspen Cycling Criterium should be bigger - and faster - than ever. Ride for the Pass takes place on Saturday, May 19, traversing the tried-and-true route from Winter Gate to Independence Ghost Town, with approx. 2,500 feet elevation gain over the 10-mile race course. Ride like the high-alpine wind, as proceeds from your efforts will benefit the Independence Pass Foundation (

Enjoy, stretch and celebrate...but don't stay out too late, because on Sunday, May 20, we're right back at it with the Aspen Cycling Criterium, presented by Take to the streets, literally, as cyclists whip across downtown Aspen's corners and curves around a .9 mile "urban" race track. The fastest and most-coordinated will ride to an $8000 Prize Payout at the finish line!

The Aspen Cycling Festival features two very different races, but in similar spirit: Aspen's zest for cycling. Complete info: