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Spring Skiing at its best!

Spring ski and snow 10.jpg

Monday will be another Sunshine Ski Day! Friday brought over a foot of fresh snow to the mountains of Aspen, and skiing this weekend was amazing. The sun is back still, the snow is deep, and the sky is blue -- wow what terrific conditions! That's spring in the mountains. Skiers and boaders who are enjoying the mountains of Aspen this week are having fun with top slope conditins and now colder weather. And, don't forget all this sunshine! Remember the sunscreen today.

Aspen Square's Olympic memories!

Olympic flame 2-10.jpg

THE OLYMPIC GAMES WERE A THRILL! Chris Klug, the son of Aspen Square GM Warren Klug, competed in the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, racing in the snowboard PGS event. He came SO CLOSE to the medal round, and in the end finished in 7th place. We were so proud of him. The Klug Family was there, and it was a thrill! Both Opening and Closing Ceremonies were amazing. Nearly 60,000 people in the BC Place arena were all part of the shows and we were there to watch our Aspen Square racer walk in with the US Team. What great celebrations!

Bluebird days and lots of sunshine

More pow 3-10.jpg

Don't forget the sun screen! We are into spring skiing on the mountains of Aspen with great conditions on the slopes and no lift lines. There will be sunny days ahead, and there will certainly be smiles and red faces around the hotel this week. More snow will come our way at week's end. no question, skiing will be excellent over the days ahead. Wow -- more fun skiing and boarding -- and keep the sun screen handy!

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