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Where's the snow?

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Well, the snow is here on the four mountians of Aspen. Mother Nature has been rather stingy with snowfall over the past weeks, and much of the west is hurting for moisture as ski areas are looking for more snow. We have been fortunate here in Aspen, having perhaps more snow than anyone else in Colorado. We have good coverage on the slopes except for the very steep areas and in the trees. The "groomers" are in good shape as the mountain crews and groomers work their magic each night. GOOD NEWS: snow is falling this weekend.

The New Year is here

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The New Year is upon us, and the fun of New Years Eve is still very much with us. Fireworks over Aspen Mountain are always memorable. What fun! Skiing is good here in Aspen, better than in just about every other ski area in the west. With the holiays behind us now, we have availability opening up and special rates are being offered for most of January. Accommodations are also still available for most of February and March. Give us a call, and come ski with your friends at Aspen Square!

Keeping the slopes in top condition

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Skiers and snowboarders are having fun on the four mountians of Aspen, as our snowmaking crew and the groomers keep the slopes in good condition despite the lack of snow over the past days. More snow is coming, but in the meantime we are enjoying the "groomers" and the wonderful sunny, blue skies. Temperatures remain "crisp." This holiday week is a busy one, and people are enjoying not only good skiing but the fun of dining and special events in town. Ask us about the fun of "Twelve days of Aspen." And, don't miss the fireworks over Aspen Mountain on New Year's eve.

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