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On the Gondola

One of Aspen Mountain's great features is the Silver Queen Gondola, which transports skiers from downtown Aspen over 2.5 miles and 3000 vertical feet to the top of the ski area. The ride can be quite interesting, because for 15 minutes or so, you are suspended in a fairly intimate space with up to five strangers. Very often, you can gain some useful information, as passengers will frequently discuss which trails they think have the best snow. I always enjoy sharing a gondola with folks who are new to the area and listening to their take on the town.

Back on the hill!

Well, I realize it's been a while since my last post. Unfortunately, a small mishap had me sidelined. I don't want to go too deeply into the gruesome details, so I'll just say it involved a shopping cart race, two badly bruised knees, and let's leave it at that.

Confessions of an East-Coaster


I started snowboarding at a small mountain called Sugarloaf, the second highest peak in Maine. It's a "locals' mountain," two hours from any sizeable city, with a nice view of Canada from the top. After five years as a "loafer," I thought it might be time for a change of scenery, and made the move to Aspen, though I fully expected that during my time in the Rockies, my heart would pine for the mountains of Maine.

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