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20 Feb 2018
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If you are laboring under the misconception that Aspen Snowmass is without snow, we've got news for you - we have a LOT of snow here. Recent storms have been rolling through the mountains and just last night Snowmass received 10", for a total of 36" in the last week. Here are the stats for the last 24 hours:
Snowmass: 10", 6-foot+ base at the top
Aspen Mountain: 6" last night, 4-foot base at the top
Aspen Highlands: 7", 59" base at the top
Buttermilk: 4", 3-foot base at the top

The great news is that more storms are lining up, so conditions will hold up well into March. Time to book if you haven't already! Today's image was taken yesterday afternoon at the Aspen Mountain Gondola by Jeremy Swanson.