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16 May 2022
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Outdoor Activities

For 32 years,  the Independence Pass Foundation has been taking care of one of the country’s most magnificent alpine landscapes, enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.  To support the ongoing restoration work that IPF and its dedicated volunteers and partners achieve on behalf of Independence Pass, the annual Ride for the Pass is held each year as the Foundation's major fundraiser. There are tickets for adult and child participants in addition to two finish lines - one for families at Weller Lake, and a second for more serious riders ending at the town of Independence. The race is always held prior to the reopening of  the road to and from Independence Pass, so no worries about running into cars - just the lung-busting uphill and altitude! The ride will be held on Saturday, May 21 and all are welcome to register and ride. Registration closes May 20, so get online ASAP if you want to ride.