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20 Feb 2017
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Outdoor Activities

While you're laughing each night at this week's Aspen Laugh Festival, a small group of hardcore mountaineering atheletes will be stocking up on sleep and plenty of carbs as they prepare for  the Audi Power of 4 Ski Mountaineering race on Saturday, February 25. The Power of 4 consists of teams of two, racing across all four of Aspen Snowmass's mountains, over 24 miles and 10,000 feet of vertical terrain. The teams start in Snowmass, traverse to West Buttermilk, then on to Highlands, finishing at Aspen Mountain's Gondola Plaza, across from Aspen Square. Makes us tired just thinking about it! If you're not ready for the full race, the Power of Two will traverse just two of the mountains - Highlands and Aspen - also finishing at the Gondola Plaza.