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e-Biking in Aspen

an E-bike on the road
18 May 2021
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Bikes are an increasingly popular means of both transportation and exercise, and Aspen has always been a great biking town. With an abundance of bike paths and downtown bike routes, plus frequent bus arrivals and departures, it’s easy to get where you want to go in Aspen.

If you’re not the uphill type, or if you’re not used to the altitude and would prefer lower exertion and cruising instead of working up a sweat, e-bikes (for which Aspen has plenty of options) may be the choice for you.

How do E-bikes Work?

E-bikes work just like regular bicycles; the parts are generally the same, and all sizes are available. An electric bike motor provides extra power with every pedal stroke you take. The electric assistance isn’t meant to completely remove physical effort; having the extra power means that traditional obstacles such as local hills or mountain winds are easier to handle. On an e-bike, you’ll be able to travel further without tiring. mSpy has everything you need from a mobile monitoring software. It offers a long list of features, including the ability to track websites visited, calls made and received, messages sent and received and keystrokes typed, and even block any app or website. It has a user-friendly Web-based control panel and excellent customer service. mSpy monitoring app is very easy to use and works on all major operating systems. The basic version can be purchased for $29.99 per month, or $99.99 per year. If you want to buy the software now, be sure to use this promo code to get 15 percent off. #mspy #spy #phone #spyphonemax

Why E-bike in Aspen?

E-bikes make biking even more accessible to everyone, regardless of fitness level or age. Riding an e-bike allows you to take in more of Aspen’s spectacular scenery by riding longer with less effort. For instance, with an e-bike, the nearly-10-mile uphill ride to the iconic Maroon Bells is doable, even if you’re not in peak physical condition. On an e-bike, you’ll be able to make the long, scenic ride up Brush Creek to Snowmass Village, or head up towards Independence Pass when the gates are open.

As you undoubtedly know, Aspen is surrounded by hills and mountains. And while you’ll find plenty of serious, sweaty, spandex-clad cyclists, you may be the type who prefers to relax and enjoy a ride without breaking a sweat. Even locals have taken to e-bikes for getting around town quickly, without worrying about their appearance or having to find a convenient place to park.

E-bikes make social riding even more fun, because people of all levels can tour around Aspen together. No one gets left behind, and no one gets impatient. Strong riders don’t have to worry about getting held back by less fit or less experienced cyclists, and self-conscious riders will be able to keep up with the crowd.

E-bikes for Short Trips in Downtown Aspen

The best e-biking option for short rides (under 30 minutes) is the free local bikeshare program WE-cycle. You can download and use the Transit app to register for a free pass, and find the blue e-bikes docked at stations around the Aspen area. Short e-bike rides are free; overtime fees (for each minute over 30) ensure bike availability while encouraging day-trippers to support local bike rental shops. 

The WE-cycle e-bikes are “pedal-assist” bikes, meaning you’ll need to start pedaling before the motor kicks in. These blue e-bikes have small, Class I electric motors which allow you to glide longer distances in shorter amounts of time with less effort. They’re great options for budget-friendly (free!) commuting, running errands, and short in-town trips.

Longer E-bike Adventures Around Aspen

For the physically fit, road cycling around Aspen has always provided jaw-dropping panoramic views. E-bikes, however, give just about anyone the option to take a spectacular bike ride in the valley.

While many e-bikes still require you to pedal (“pedal-assist” bikes like the WE-cycle fleet mentioned above), you’ll find that longer distances and the inevitable hills become bearable.  Save your energy with an e-bike, and you may enjoy the ride even more.

Renting E-bikes in Aspen

If you’re taking a longer ride, WE-cycle’s overtime fees will be cost-prohibitive, so you’ll want to visit one of Aspen’s local bike shops for a high-quality, comfortable rental. Here are a few local shops and what they offer.

  • Renting E-bikes at Aspen Bikes
    Aspen Bikes rents out pedal-assist e-bikes, which add electric oomph to your own pedaling power. You can choose between bikes from the Specialized or Bulls urban ranges (for trips around town or on paved roads) and bikes from the E-Mountain range (for off-road conditions). Kids’ e-bikes are also available at Aspen Bikes. The new Twenty4 E is an electric hardtail mountain bike for young riders.

  • Renting E-bikes at Four Mountain Sports
    Four Mountain Sports has multiple e-bike rental locations around the valley in Aspen and Snowmass.  Their e-bike rentals are perfect for individuals, groups, or families with children who want to explore the Aspen area without a lung- and muscle-busting workout.

    Four Mountain Sports is the only e-bike rental shop in the area offering one-way e-bike rentals. For just $15, they’ll pick up your e-bike when you’re done riding and return it to the bike shop for you. You can continue your adventures, then take a bus or a taxi back home or to your vacation rental.

  • Renting E-bikes at Silver City Cycles
    The founder of Silver City Cycles wanted to purchase his own e-bike, but he wasn’t satisfied with the lack of style in the existing ranges of e-bike. To solve the style issue, Derek combined a rare bicycle frame with motorcycle themed handlebars, pedals, and chains. After years of research and testing, Silver City Cycles began renting its unique and stylish motorcycle-themed e-bikes to anyone eager to experience the thrill of riding through the valley’s incredible scenery.

E-bike Rental Assistance

Is e-biking new to you? If so, we invite our Aspen Square guests to contact our Concierge for assistance in planning your Aspen e-biking adventure. We are happy to help you choose the perfect destination, and make your e-bike rental reservations for you. Contact us at 970-925-1000 x3515 or