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Spring Skiing in Aspen — A Local's Guide

Spring skiing in Aspen
7 Apr 2021
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If you’ve never visited Aspen in late spring, you may not realize what you’re missing. With warm, sunny days, softer snow, and short lift lines, you’ll feel like a VIP skiing in paradise, with ski runs almost completely to yourself. And you won’t be dealing with in-season lines at local eateries and après venues, either.

Here are a local’s favorite perks to skiing Aspen in the springtime:

Best Snow Base

When you ski in the springtime, you’ll benefit from an entire winter season’s worth of snowpack. Considering that the Aspen valley often gets snow as early as October or November, you won’t have to worry about thin conditions on the slopes. Springtime snowstorms are a bonus — and even a regular occurrence, as March is known to be Colorado’s snowiest month!

More Daylight

Once daylight savings kicks in, you’ll be able to enjoy even more time on the slopes. With warmer temperatures during the day, you’ll have less worry about the cold creeping in later in the afternoon, when ski lifts stay open longer in the spring. Many of the Aspen Snowmass lifts extend their hours until 4pm (normally 3 or 3:30), and you’ll even find some lifts staying open in springtime until 6. You can make the most of your spring ski vacation by spending all day in the sun and snow.

Fewer Layers

While daily temperatures still swing wildly in Colorado’s mountains and temperatures drop off more at night no matter the season, you’ll generally find that you can dress less heavily on the slopes in the spring. During the winter, it’s common for skiers and snowboarders to pack on a base layer, multiple base layers, and an outer shell — which can require gear storage between runs if body heat increases dramatically. When you’re spring skiing in Aspen, though, you may find you need little more than a base layer and a hoodie on the slopes, which means less gear to keep track of during your stay.

Convenient Lodging and Lift Lines

From late March through April, the annual crowds of Aspen Snowmass tourists begin to clear out. This increases the convenience factor in two ways: you’ll have an easier time securing lodging close to the ski slopes, and you’ll stand in fewer lines once you get there. Not only will you easily be able to find the perfect spring vacation rental; you’ll also often find special lodging deals since peak season has passed.

A local’s tip for maximizing your runs is to keep your ski and snowboard plans flexible. Try choosing your runs based on which lifts have the shortest lines, and let line length dictate how you move around the mountain.

Try New Gear

Once peak season is over, the local gear and consignment shops (as well as online groups and message boards) begin posting deals on skis, snowboards, boots, and apparel. Take advantage of spring vacation timing to purchase some discounted gear and try taking some turns with a new setup to expand your familiarity with both the sport and your preferences.     

Meet the Locals

While many locals stay away from the Aspen Snowmass ski mountains in peak visitor season because they’re busy working (or stick to weekdays instead of the more tourist-packed weekends), you’ll notice more locals on the slopes in the springtime. Whether chatting on the lift or sharing a smile and a story at après, this is your chance to spring ski at Aspen and to get a good taste of a more local vibe.

Spring Skiing Concierge

Should you choose one of Aspen Square’s convenient condominium rentals for your spring skiing basecamp, Aspen Square’s concierge will be happy to help our guests arrange their daily itinerary. If you haven’t yet chosen your spring rental, we’re also happy to assist you in finding the perfect, most convenient and comfortable condominium here so you can enjoy your stay to the maximum.