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Aspen Security Forum

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The Aspen Security Forum is held every July at the Aspen Institute campus located in Aspen’s West End adjacent to the Aspen Music Festival grounds. The Aspen Security Forum is a multi-day conference that focuses on current national security issues facing the United States and the world at large.

Participants of the Aspen Security Forum include former and current US national security officials, expert members of the military, FBI, intelligence community and Department of Justice, plus nationally-renowned journalists. They convene in Aspen for the annual conference, where they share their expertise and insight with attendees.

The Aspen Institute hosts the Aspen Security Forum. One of the many goals of the Aspen Institute is to provide a neutral arena for the discussion of important issues, from art to science to politics and beyond. The Aspen Security Forum is presented as an impartial space, one specifically designed for sharing information and discussing crucial issues of homeland and international security.

You can purchase tickets and passes to the Aspen Security Forum through the Aspen Institute.

If you’re a guest staying at the Aspen Square Condominium Hotel, our concierge can assist you with your Aspen plans, including buying Aspen Security Forum passes or individual tickets. You can reach the concierge at (866) 285-7876 ext. 3515, or email them at

Non-guests can contact the Aspen Institute by calling (202) 721-2327 for more information about the Aspen Security Forum.