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Thanksgiving in Aspen

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Around Town Family Fun

The Thanksgiving holiday often elicits feelings of warmth from family, friends, fireplaces — and, of course, food. Most schools close over Thanksgiving week, allowing families with children the flexibility to travel and create more special memories. 

While a traditional Thanksgiving holiday at home nourishes many, Aspen’s unique mix of local workers, seasonal residents, and early-season tourists presents many more flexible options and even adventure. An Aspen Thanksgiving might mean taking a run, eating some turkey downtown, then hitting the ski slopes. Or it could mean gathering the family at an Aspen hotel for a cozy meal, then relaxing around a fire or in the hot tubs. No matter your company, schedule, or preferences, you’ll always remember your Thanksgiving holiday in Aspen.

Why You Should Spend Thanksgiving in Aspen

  • Space: Because the fair-weather crowds are gone and ski season isn’t yet in full swing, the town is yours for the taking. Roads and sidewalks will seem spacious, not-yet-packed bars and eateries will welcome you, and wait times will be low.
  • Specials: Off-season specials often still continue during Thanksgiving while local businesses wait for the season to get rolling. Restaurants, shops, and bars will tempt you with special deals. You’ll also find early-bird pricing on ski passes, lessons, and equipment.
  • Convenience: If you’re going out to eat (or get Thanksgiving takeout), you won’t have to worry about timing or clean-up. Which leaves more time for relaxing and/or adventure. Because Aspen is a small town, you’ll be able to walk or bus almost anywhere, so complex coordinated commutes won’t be a problem. 

Where to Eat on Thanksgiving in Aspen

It’s easy to enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving meal in Aspen with your family and friends. You can feast on a delicious turkey dinner at numerous Aspen eateries. The Aspen Chamber maintains the most accurate list of participating restaurants during any given Thanksgiving holiday.  If you’re particularly interested in a specific restaurant’s Thanksgiving options, contact our Aspen Square Hotel concierge to help you place your order. Here are a few local standards:

  • Mawa’s Kitchen: Sit down for a three-course Thanksgiving meal at Mawa’s Kitchen in the ABC (Aspen Business Center) north of the roundabout.
  • AJAX Tavern: At Ajax Tavern, you’ll find traditional Thanksgiving plates on the regular menu. Enjoy roasted organic turkey and even some pecan pie!
  • Element 47 at The Little Nell: Element 47 serves up a three-course dinner that elevates your traditional Turkey Day favorites with a gourmet twist.
  • Hotel Jerome Thanksgiving Day Buffet: On Thanksgiving Day, enjoy a full Thanksgiving Buffet at the Hotel Jerome.

Things to Do in Aspen During Thanksgiving

While many establishments close to allow staff a chance to spend time with family, Aspen offers a few events on Thanksgiving Day that you’ll only find here in the valley. 

  • Hit the Thanksgiving Slopes: Aspen Mountain and Snowmass traditionally open for the winter season on Thanksgiving Day, so you can hit one mountain or two!
  • Try a Turkey Tri: If you’re an early riser, you may be able to enter the Indoor Turkey Triathlon at the Aspen Recreation Center (ARC). Check their Facebook page to make sure the event is happening — and if it is, whether it’s virtual or in-person. If you compete, you’ll finish a 10-minute swim, 30-minute stationary bike, and 20-minute treadmill run with 5-minute transitions. Whoever covers the most distance wins!
  • Thanksjibbing at Snowmass: If you’re up for a small excursion, get over to Fanny Hill at Snowmass to be wowed by Thanksjibbing. Some of the valley’s most talented freeskiers and snowboarders will be competing on a unique, urban-inspired terrain course. You can watch the competition for free!

Downtown Aspen Lodging at the Aspen Square

We’d be delighted to host your Thanksgiving holiday at Aspen Square. If you’re interested in making a reservation, please contact the Aspen Square Condominium Hotel at 1-866-286-2596 or contact We would be happy to provide you with a Happy Thanksgiving!