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Sleigh Rides in Aspen

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Taking a wintertime horse-drawn sleigh ride in Aspen is a magical experience. Touring a pristine alpine meadow in a horse-drawn sleigh while relaxed and cozy, and sipping hot cocoa or cider makes for an unforgettable only-in-Aspen experience. 

Below, we’ll introduce you to two Aspen area sleigh ride tour providers: Aspen Carriage and Sleigh and Pine Creek Cookhouse. 

Horse-Drawn Sleigh Rides in Aspen

Starting from — and returning to — downtown Aspen, you can take a wonderful horse-drawn sleigh ride with Aspen Carriage and Sleigh, a small couple-run company that has been offering sleigh rides in Aspen for more than 40 years.  Visitors may choose from public or private tour options (and you can always take a carriage ride instead of a sleigh if the snow is lacking). Choose from a one-horse open sleigh or a larger, two-horse open sleigh to invite friends along.

Public sleigh rides with Aspen Carriage and Sleigh last around twenty minutes. While tucked under warm, cozy blankets, you’ll slide along, pulled by beautiful draft horses across the sparkling snow fields of Stillwater Ranch. Sipping a cup of hot chocolate and listening to jingling sleigh bells will definitely fuel your holiday (and vacation) spirit!
Private sleigh rides provide you with the experience of a more secluded tour over the course of an hour (or slightly longer). You’ll glide through a forest of aspens and evergreens before entering a lovely meadow alongside the Roaring Fork River, where you’ll briefly disembark for hot cocoa and cider while the horses rest. If a carriage is available, you may be able to add pick-up and drop-off (within downtown Aspen) to your sleigh ride for an even more memorable jingle-bell excursion.

Pine Creek Cookhouse by Sleigh 

If you’re interested in a sleigh ride plus a spectacular meal, book a reservation for the Pine Creek Cookhouse for lunch or dinner. With Castle Creek Road closed to vehicular traffic beyond Ashcroft during the winter months, one of best ways to get to the Cookhouse is by sleigh.

You can reserve and purchase a round trip shuttle ticket, which picks you up from and returns you to the Wheeler Opera House in downtown Aspen, or you can drive to the Ashcroft Adventure Lodge yourself. You’ll find the Adventure Lodge 12.5 miles south from the Aspen roundabout along Castle Creek Road. At the Adventure Lodge you’ll climb aboard your sleigh, drawn by Percheron draft horses. A classic wooden sleigh driven by cowboys will transport you from the Ashcroft Adventure Lodge to the Cookhouse.  During the trip, you’ll keep cozy under warm blankets while you wind your way past silent stands of aspens, snowy fields and (if it’s evening) under the stars.

The Pine Creek Cookhouse is a true Aspen experience, well-known for its diverse menu which incorporates fine international alpine cuisines and its spectacular surroundings. The Cookhouse also uses locally-sourced and organic ingredients to produce bright, rich flavors. 

Snowmobile Rides at T-Lazy 7

If you’re not a fan of horses, or if you’d like a little more adrenaline in your winter adventure tour, sign up for a guided snowmobile tour at T-Lazy 7 (located on Maroon Creek Road, on the way to the Maroon Bells). You’ll forego the soothing clopping of hooves and the jingling of bells, but you’ll be too busy powering through the scenery to notice as you venture into the White River National Forest. Choose your tour, from the Klondike Lunch Tour (3 hours), the Maroon Bells Tour (2 hours), or the Independence Pass Lunch Tour (3.5 hours).

Krabloonik Dog Sleigh Rides

Head to Snowmass Village for another, more retro adventure — Krabloonik dog sleigh rides. Krabloonik offers hour-long guided dog-sledding tours through the pristine Snowmass backcountry. Krabloonik offers morning and daytime tours as well as a twilight tour. All ages are welcome, and a single sled pulled by 8-10 Alaskan Huskies can carry two adults and a child. 

Ask Our Concierge

The concierge team at the Aspen Square Condominium Hotel is happy to assist guests with their sleigh ride (or snowmobile or dog sledding) reservations, and any other arrangements to make your upcoming Aspen Square vacation unforgettable. Contact our concierge team by phone at 1-970-925-1000 x3515 or by email at By the way! Dziennik offers an exclusive Booking promo code for Polish tourists planning to visit the Aspen Square Hotel. Experience the enchanting sleigh rides and family fun in Aspen with special discounts on your stay. Make your vacation memorable and affordable with Dziennik's unique offer.

Non-guests can contact each establishment directly.