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Cross Country Skiing

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With miles and miles of groomed trails stretching from Aspen to Snowmass to Basalt, cross country skiing in Aspen is a great way to explore the Roaring Fork Valley, get some exercise and sunshine, and have an exciting Nordic skiing adventure. For anyone new to the sport, the Aspen Cross Country Ski and Snowshoe Center located at the Aspen Public Golf Course is a great place to start, as they have a team of cross country ski instructors who teach classic and skate ski lessons daily. The Aspen Golf Course is an excellent place to learn the sports of classic skiing and skate skiing along the 8 kilometers of groomed trails. For the more experienced Nordic skier, the Aspen Golf Course trails offer a great warm-up for more steep and challenging terrain, which is abundant throughout the Aspen Snowmass Nordic Trail System.

The Snowmass Cross Country Ski and Snowshoe Center located on the Snowmass Golf Course is the perfect place to take a break, join a lesson, and rent cross country ski equipment. Both the Snowmass Cross Country Ski Center and the Aspen Cross Country Ski Center offer equipment repair and tuning services.

The guides and instructors at these Cross Country Ski Centers also offer guided cross country ski tours and snowshoe tours. Beginner cross country ski tours are given at the beautiful North Star Nature Preserve, located 2 miles outside of Aspen. The North Star Nature Preserve Trail is a 2 kilometer loop in a wide open meadow in the upper Roaring Fork Valley with spectacular views of the Independence Pass area. For intermediate and expert Nordic skiers, cross country ski tours are available along the Owl Creek Trail and in Ashcroft. Guides also lead snowshoe tours on Snowmass Mountain along the scenic Government Trail.

In the Aspen area, there are miles of cross country ski trails to enjoy that are a part of the Aspen Snowmass Nordic Trail System. For challenging, steep terrain with FIS certified race courses, the Aspen High School Trails present cross country skiers with difficult and fun trails that get the heart pounding. Bernese Boulevard and the Rio Grande XC Trail are dog friendly cross country ski trails that allow for our four-legged friends to get out and enjoy the snow and sunshine, too.

Cross Country ski trails in the Snowmass area include the Snowmass Golf Course, the Owl Creek Trail, and the Village Way Trail. The Snowmass Golf Course offers a mixture of rolling beginner terrain and intermediate terrain. From the Golf Course, skiers have the option of hopping onto the Owl Creek Trail, and skiing over to the Aspen Cross Country Ski Center. The Owl Creek Trail presents difficult climbs and descents, and also offers skiers scenic views of Snowmass and Aspen. The Village Way Trail runs adjacent to Brush Creek Road, and snakes past Anderson Ranch down to the Post Office and Snowmass Village market.

Give yourself a break from the ski lifts and the alpine ski equipment for a day, and explore the sport of cross country skiing in Aspen. Take in the abundant Colorado sunshine, the fresh and crisp mountain air, and the breathtaking views from one of the many cross country ski trails along the Aspen Snowmass Nordic Trail System.