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Rock Climbing

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Rock climbing in Aspen brings people into scenic national forests with sweeping mountain views, while challenging climbers with exciting granite pitches. Aspen rock climbing makes for an excellent family excursion, and offers the chance for everyone to try a new outdoor sport. Family hiking trips along popular Aspen hiking trails from Aspen to Crested Butte or in the Castle Creek Valley to Cathedral Lake may have been the summer activity of choice, but after learning to rock climb in Aspen, this may soon change.

For novices, rock climbing does present a challenge in understanding specialized equipment and in locating ideal beginner climbing spots. For this reason, Aspen guiding companies offer rock climbing basics classes that introduce beginners to the sport. In most guided rock climbing fundamentals classes, beginner climbers explore granite rock climbing terrain, while also learning how to successfully navigate a rock face. In addition, beginners will learn the fundamentals of belaying and rappelling. Furthermore, for young children new to rock climbing, many Aspen guiding companies offer guided rock climbing classes for children.

If looking for a guiding company, Aspen Expeditions and Blazing Adventures are both great options. Aspen Expeditions is an Aspen outdoor guiding company whose rock climbing guides are American Mountain Guide Association (AMGA) certified or trained. Their professional rock climbing guides focus on safety, education, and fun in the outdoors. In addition to guided whitewater rafting trips and jeep tours, Blazing Adventures specializes in half day and full day guided rock climbing trips in the Independence Pass area.

In and around Aspen, rock climbers discover their favorite routes in the scenic Independence Pass area, located just east of downtown Aspen. Part of the White River National Forest and San Isabel National Forest, the Independence Pass area is replete with incredible hiking trails, campgrounds, excellent fly fishing spots, beautiful alpine lakes, and superb rock climbing routes. Independence Pass is an outdoor playground, and as such, presents plenty of granite crags with a wide variety of difficulty, from easy beginner routes to more challenging, expert climbs. Classy Cliff, Master Headwall, Dragon Rock, Grotto Wall, and Dump Wall are popular climbing spots in the Independence Pass area.

Though Independence Pass rock climbing presents rock climbers with superior climbing spots, there is still more to rock climbing in Aspen and the Roaring Fork Valley than what is available near Independence Pass. Explore the down valley rock climbing scene in the Crystal River Valley just outside of Carbondale, Glenwood Canyon near Glenwood Springs, and Rifle.

Aspen rock climbing is most fun outdoors, but for beginners and more experienced climbers looking to polish technique, indoor climbing is always available at the Aspen Recreation Center (ARC) and at the Red Brick in downtown Aspen. Both recreation centers have climbing walls that offer a great introduction to climbing for beginners as well as more challenging sections for experienced rock climbers. Indoor rock climbing in Aspen also makes for a great rainy day activity as summer afternoon rain showers, though brief, are common in the Rocky Mountain region.

Our guests should contact the Aspen Square Condominium Hotel's concierge team for assistance with booking an Aspen guided rock climbing trip, through Aspen Expeditions or Blazing Adventures, by calling 1-800-862-7736 ext. 3515  or by sending an e-mail to Non-guests can contact Aspen Expeditions at (970) 925-7625, or Blazing Adventures at (970) 923-4544.