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Summer Activities

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Hiking in Aspen is one of the most popular outdoor activities in the area, and enjoying a day hike is sometimes the best way to appreciate the natural beauty of the Rocky Mountains.

Tennis Ball in Aspen

Playing tennis in Aspen is a popular year-round activity, since the Roaring Fork Valley offers an abundance of both indoor and outdoor courts. When you’re in Aspen, you can play tennis on some of the most beautiful tennis courts in the country.

Aspen is a bike-friendly mountain town with bike lanes winding in and around the downtown core. Here, we offer suggestions for all types of bike riding, from cruising down bike paths to plowing through a snowy trail to riding on a winding mountain road.

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With more than 35 years of experience in the Aspen Snowmass area, Blazing Adventures is the go-to planner for activities during a stay at Aspen Square. Although well-known for its river rafting trips, Blazing Adventures can also arrange a variety of fun outdoor activities including guided road or mountain biking tours, jeep tours, and horseback riding.

A fly fisherman with the Maroon Bells in the background

The Roaring Fork Valley is a destination for lovers of the sport of fly fishing. With four different rivers to fish, each offering a spectacular, challenging, and unique river environment, there is nothing quite like a fly fishing adventure on one of the local rivers in the Aspen area.

Playing golf in and around Aspen appeals to golfers of all levels; Aspen's stunning scenery provides the perfect backdrop.  With magnificent mountain views and challenging alpine terrain everywhere you turn, golf courses throughout the Roaring Fork Valley are well worth exploring.

Horseback riding trips in Aspen Snowmass venture into pristine wilderness areas with breathtaking mountain views that inspire many riders to return by horseback again and again.

A modified Jeep for Aspen jeep tours

If you’re looking for an extraordinary experience in the Aspen area’s Roaring Fork valley that most tourists (and even locals) neglect, a backcountry jeep tour may be a great option. There are several tour providers throughout the Aspen valley region, so you can choose the location — and the company — that’s right for you.  

Aspen and Snowmass have so much to offer in terms of outdoor recreation, and especially when it comes to a whitewater adventure. Kayaking in Aspen offers visitors and locals the chance to experience the Roaring Fork Valley's rivers in an entirely new way.

Maroon Bells in Aspen, CO

Why would you come all the way to Aspen, and miss a visit to the Maroon Bells—North America’s most-photographed mountains? We think that seeing these 14,000-foot peaks in person is an absolute must.